Monday, November 9, 2009

Cleaning at the vacant units

So, I've got the left behind trash out. The large items have been moved to the curb and the disposal service called for large item pickup. Someone took the couch already. The power will be on sometime tomorrow. Had carpet guys over, but the estimate went from $7/yd to $13/yd, so I may tile the living room, or steam it several times and hope for the best. Scrubbed the countertops, washed the cabinet exterior, mopped with ammonia in the kitchens & baths, swept the garages, raked the yards, and still need to do more.

Anyway, gonna play the cargo area shuffle, as I remove tool boxes, and load the vacuum and steam cleaner to take to the rentals that need cleaning. Then I need to get some things in storage and bring them back home, leaving the vac and steamer at the unit which won't have power until Tuesday (whoa-o-oh, voices carry).

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