Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Horribly Erratic Updates

On the gardening front--rodents got my meager plantings. The dogs were no help.
I have traded around for an old rototiller and a chipper shredder. I am also still composting.

On the real estate front, I keep seeing lots of businesses close and think we're going to see more.
This the day after the "budget deal" I can only think that our country is going the way of Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic. There is only one way for the US to "borrow" money. We are going to have to get it from the Federal Reserve, which will print up money--money that has no basis in wealth--just an IOU backed by the labor of the American people. So, the politicians have sold our children and grandchildren into indentured servitude for a bit of comfort in the here and now that is bound to be short-lived.
All the more reason for me to get my fall crops planted.

If I could give any real estate advice to you right now it would be:
0. Have a plan. Almost any plan is better than no plan.
1. Plant a garden. We had "victory gardens" during WWII, and farmers did well during the days of the Weimar Republic. Hand tools are really cheap at garage sales these days.
2. Be utility self-sufficient. If you can afford to move to a place with your own well, septic, electric, heating (wood stove and trees), and propane, do it. Otherwise, make your own home as self sufficient as possible.
2A. Learn to reuse as much as possible--Using dishpans and dumping the water on trees, or finding creative reuse ideas for things you might normally throw away.
3. Start storing food and seeds. You may want to store in a few different places as these will become valuable commodities worth killing for and stealing.
4. Prepare you friends and relatives. If your place has enough room, it would be better to have extra people to lighten the load of labor and defense. You'll have to choose whether or not you'll help those that you know are lazy.  If you are lazy yourself, you'll have to push yourself. (see frequency of my blogs)
5. Lighten your load.
If you are in the city, you are in the most danger, sell extraneous items in your life and have a car, truck, or van ready to go to your friends in the country. Have this vehicle's fuel tank full every night. Garage it if you can. If you have too much garbage in your garage, sell it or give it away, so that you can park this car inside. It may save your life and the lives of your loved ones.
You car should have some camping gear or other "survival" equipment, and I would suggest over the counter drugs, organic seeds, ammunition in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 12 guage (or whatever it is you need for your personal firearm) and tobacco as trade goods. Don't forget a package of toilet paper. Things that are light and valuable if you can't get them at the store.
Even if I'm wrong, you'll be (more) prepared for the next Katrina, Fukushima, Northridge, LA Riot situation than the next person.