Saturday, November 14, 2009

9 Tips for improving your credit score, today's activities.

This was sent to me from RISMedia via Lowe's. So here's the link.

I just got back from a conference in Murrieta for  Voice of the Martyrs.

We have to go to an Adhoc committee to talk to the county service area about lowering the water and sewer prices. Over the last 7 years they've gone from around $75 every 2 months to $215 every 2 months. I have eight units and am paying $1700 plus use fees every two months.
The building code would allow for half the water meters I currently pay for, but the county will not allow it. The units are old, and were hooked up to the sewer before the previous owner bought them. There is only one sewer connection, but the county bills me for eight. Maybe we can get something done.

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