Tuesday, February 9, 2010

San Bernardino County Addressing Problem Redux

So, per my January 29th article, I had some issues getting the addresses straightened out. I thought they got fixed. I passed the gas-air test. I have Southwest Gas coming to put a meter in tomorrow. Then I got the letters from SB county code enforcement.

Seems that the computers and/or staff are still not capable of handling the job. Now my units do not have separate addresses OR A & B designations. So I called back to Code Enforcement for the Addressing division using the telephone # on the paper they sent me. I was told that there was another number, and when I called that number, I was told that Building and Safety was now in charge of Addressing.

I called the B&S # twice and it was busy. So now I'm just venting a little on my blog.

Is it any wonder businesses aren't hiring when government entities can't do the simplest of things well and now we have the largest expansion of government since the New Deal? Seriously, how am I to believe the bureaucrats are going to take care of my health decisions when they make up an addressing problem that didn't exist, and then complicate it further by giving me an addressing problem?

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