Friday, January 29, 2010

Hazards of Old Buildings, Utility Companies and Government Officials

A year ago, was in the process of rehabbing a duplex. The duplex has been around since roughly 1950. Unlike most duplexes that are given unit numbers or letters(like A/B or 1/2), this one has two separate addresses (15025 & 15027). I finished the unit, but it hasn't rented because, after serious and expensive modifications, I haven't felt the desire to put just anyone in.
Turns out that was for the best, because, after failing to get a loan modification for my place, I'm letting the bank have it, and moving into the nicest rental I own. I'm actually gaining square footage, new plumbing, ceiling fans in every room and tile floors throughout. I'm losing my garage, but I have another where I do most of my work anyway.
That brings me to getting the gas turned on. I called Southwest Gas and they told me it's been more than a year since my gas-air test and I would have to do another. This involves getting another permit from the county and having an inspector verify that the gas lines will hold three PSI for 10 minutes.
I went down to the Victorville branch of San Bernardino Building and Safety office, and the counter technician told me I needed to get A/B addressing for the duplex, and that I had to call Code Enforcement to in San Bernardino to get them, or have CE call her and "allow" me to use the addresses that have been in existence for 50-60 years, all because her computer didn't have the addresses.
It took a week but I finally got my permit. There wasn't any change on the forms at the Building and Safety office.

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