Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Reply!

I've gotten another half dozen or so 'leads' with contact info that is either incorrect or belonging to people who are not interested in buying or selling property, or who don't meet the criteria I mentioned to the company when I signed up. So much for the one or two a week that I was told when they were usual--maybe this is just an anomaly.
From the attitude of the "customer service rep" (insert extreme sarcasm) I should probably be happy that I might, someday, be able to be of service to these "leads". It is not the fault of the people, they have to provide information to browse Reply!'s site. Then, if they have not been prudent and faked their input, they get contacted by professional subscribers who got duped into joining the site.
Reply! did not credit me for two of the other 'leads'. I've sent it on to my lawyer, and contacted the fraud department at my credit card company, so perhaps they'll sue me and I'll counter-sue them. We shall see.

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