Monday, September 7, 2009

Cleaning Ovens for the ADHD

On this fine Labor Day, I was out at a rental, doing some last minute cleaning and organizing, and praying for a good renter. During the prepping, I opened the oven and realized we hadn't cleaned it, or finished cleaning it.
This blog is a little about cleaning and a little about time management. I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that, "if you don't have a cleaning service, they stronger partner should usually clean the oven," and this is usually going to be the man. I cleaned the oven fairly easily just using soap and water and bit of elbow grease.
I had oven cleaner at the unit, but didn't want to breathe the fumes, so I decided to experiment. I started by filling a sink with soapy water to soak the stove grates. I took a sponge with soapy water and squeezed it onto the oven door and surfaces and let the solution soak in for a bit while the sink was filling.During this time it's good to remove the oven door if you know how--it'll be easier to reach inside the oven.
I soaked a sponge in the soapy water and squeezed it onto the interior oven surfaces. I spread it out and let it soak for a bit. While it was soaking I went and cleaned some other surfaces and swept and vacuumed. Then I would return to the oven and use a green scrubby (Scotchbrite ) to break up the grease and crud. I'd soak up the nastiness, rinse under the kitchen faucet, then repeat my soak, clean something else for a while, come back and scrub routine. I did this about 5 times over an hour and got the oven usable.
I don't think I had to scrub that hard. I also didn't have to use any harsh chemicals. I just used a soap with a degreaser. If you want to use a harsher degreaser that's natural, white vinegar is good, but pungent. You can also use lemon juice. I was left with a nice lemony oven, and I got most of the rest of the house clean.

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