Thursday, August 28, 2008

Southern California Logistics Airport

Southern California Logistics Airport
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For those of you looking at investing in the Victor Valley area of the High Desert you have to go to I have been reminding friends and readers as well as my clients that Victorville, Adelanto, and Apple Valley are on the verge of exploding in the next year.

The page references the Dr. Pepper Snapple Distribution plant ( that is about to have construction begin in the very near future. That will mean construction jobs in addition to the 200 people being employed at the plant. A waste water reprocessing plant will also be built that will offer more jobs, and the be use of the intermodal rail yard will also be a boon to the local economy.

These people will need housing. While many of the people will (hopefully) be hired from the local area and have places to live, the jobs allow a wider choice of housing, meaning an influx of buyers to the market, which will stabilize and raise the prices of houses and rental housing in the market, because the influx of capital will definitely stimulate surrounding businesses as well.

Victorville's business friendly environment has also led to the development of branches for ConAgra Foods, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric Aircraft Engines and more--see

While many people are out there sitting on the fence, there are a lot of opportunities for buying houses at prices that are close to or below the cost of building, as either a rental or as your own home. If you have any questions or want to be on my "cheaper than building it myself" list, drop me a line at

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