Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lender Requirements

REO’s Shortsales and Prequalification requirements

With the number of REO's (Real Estate Owned by the bank) and short sale houses on the market today, it streamlines the purchasing process if buyers have a prequalification letter from their lender. Most banks are demanding that the prequalification letter be sent in with the offer, and some require that potential buyers cross-prequalify with specific lenders (at times demanding FICO scores and proof of funds) before they'll accept an offer. With this in mind I give you a list of the 11 most common things you'll need to take to your loan officer/mortgage broker:
1. Current pay check stubs covering the past 30 (or 60) days.
2. Name address and phone number for your employers covering the last 2 years.
3. Copy of the last 2 months bank statements for all open accounts.
4. Copy of driver's license an dsocial security cards--all borrowers
5. W-2's and Federal tax return for last 2 years.
6. Mortgage statements and/or rental agreements.
7. Complete copies of divorces and final judgement.
8. Self-employment records
9. Complete copies of bankruptcy and discharge.
10. Initial award letter for social security, pension, or other income.
11. Name, address and phone number for landlord for last 2 years.

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